Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Slim Sculpt Technology?

Slim Sculpt technology was developed by Body Balance System our sister company, and utilizes LED (Light emitting diode) technology which has been proven to be safe and effective in the reduction of fat cell content, with the added benefit of pain reduction. Clients lie in a comfortable bed covered with LED lights for 10 minutes.

What Type Of Result Should I Experience?

Results may include 4-10 inches of cumulative weight loss depending on the fat accumulation, and the commitment to the nutrition and exercise plan. Measurable results have been experienced on first visit.

Will I Experience Any Pain?

No, we provide a pain free solution. Slim Sculpt uses LED light technology to penetrate the skin and targets adipose cells. This is a non-invasive procedure that will not increase or decrease the temperature of the body, nor will it damage any nerves. Therefore this is a completely pain-free process.

Do I Still Need To Diet And Exercise?

Diet and exercise will always enhance the performance of the Slim Sculpt Studio protocols. Eating nutritionally sound meals and exercising regularly are instrumental in keeping fat off the body, and for continuing to move the lymph through the body.

What Is The Treatment Cost?

The cost of treatments varies by individual goals and expectations. Our facility offers a variety of treatment options to best suit your needs. Our team is available : Monday Through Friday 10am-7pm,Sunday Closed to book a free consultation at 1-833-SLIM-YOU or Click Here to schedule today .

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost Of Treatments?

Insurance will not cover the cost of treatments; however, financing is available for qualified candidates.

How Is This Similar To Other Body Contouring Modalities?

Slim Sculpt is a completely non-invasive procedure utilizing LED light technology that has been proven to reduce fat cells. Unlike other modalities that target one body segment per session, Slim Sculpt allows for a whole body treatment targeting multiple troublesome areas during each session. Coolsculpting is a very popular treatment that is a non-invasive procedure that freezes fat cells, however there are countless testimonials of extreme pain following treatment. Liposuction on the other hand is best utilized for individuals with a normal weight and involves the use of anesthesia, and side effects include pain, bruising, or infections.

Is The Slim Sculpt Bed Hot?

The bed is warm to the touch. This is not a laser system, and the skin will not be burned. The system utilizes LED red and infrared lights.

Are The Results Permanent?

After a client completes their Slim Sculpt Studios protocol, continuing to eat nutritionally sound meals and a regular fitness routine as outlined by our Director of Fitness and Nutrition is essential to seeing lasting results.

What Is MicroShield 360?

Slim Sculpt Studios is the FIRST health & wellness, body contouring and pain management company in Las Vegas to provide assurance to its guests that they will never come in contact with germs, bacteria, disease, mold, or fungus while using our equipment.
We can provide such assurance due to our pioneering partnership with MicroShield 360 is an antimicrobial coating that constantly self-disinfects the surface 24/7 ensuring that contamination is no longer an issue. Traditional disinfection methods used by other healthcare facilities are reactionary in nature, meaning that as soon as a surface is disinfected it will once again become contaminated just by touching the surface with a bare hand. MicroShield 360 provides a proactive approach for 365 days for both direct contact as well as air-borne contact.

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